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We formed Faith Records at the beginning of 2007, hence are a fairly young label, but we have a fire within us to grow exponentially by giving artists a platform - a one stop platform - to get their voices heard. We are a group of people who love music and want to make releasing albums accessible to every artist who has a belief in their voice, their talent and their product....


A collaboration between artists from three countries – India, Pakistan and the US, brings to the market a unique album that announces the debut of San Francisco based Indian singer – Devika. Music for this self-titled album has been composed by Shahi (Shehzad Hasan), a music...

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“Rendezvous” with Shehzad Hassan (Shahi)

Date: May 18 , 2007
Publication: The Saturday Post


June 30, 2008

Faith Records announces India’s first online single music release, ‘Ek Kaagaz’, the result of an online collaboration between San Francisco-based Devika (well known for ‘Kehnde Ne Naina’, released in June 2007) and Delhi-based Pralay Bakshi (known for ‘Dilli Dilwalon Ki’, the Delhi Daredevils promotional song aired on Fever 104 FM in April/May 2008).

The song is also India’s first non-traditional, non-physical release that leverages the power of the internet for worldwide distribution. It is available for free download on and advertising on the web page is the source of revenue for the artists.

The single, ‘Ek Kaagaz’, is composed and written by Pralay Bakshi, and jointly performed by Pralay and Devika. The music arrangement and composition enhancements are done by SaazMantra – a team of highly talented composers/music producers based in the San Francisco Bay Area, which has previously also composed music for the film ‘French Fries & Curry’. Pralay and Devika met in June 2007, and subsequently decided to collaborate while corresponding online. While the arrangement and Devika’s vocals were worked on in San Francisco, Pralay’s vocals and creative contributions were sent from Delhi. Over a few months, music, vocals and creative changes were discussed and sent back and forth over the internet, and the song was refined, finalized, mixed and mastered to produce the final product.

This product strives to usher in a new era of music creation, collaboration and distribution for Indian artistes around the world; enriching and diversifying the music produced and enabling independent musicians to showcase their talent to wider audiences.

About Devika

Devika’s debut solo album “Devika” released in June 2007 was a unique collaboration between artists from India, US and Pakistan. The main track ‘Kehnde Ne Naina’ was included in Sony BMG’s chart topping album ‘Teri Deewani’ including the top 14 sufi hits from artists such as Kailash Kher, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and others. She is currently working on releasing her second solo album and also collaborating with other artists in diverse genres of music. In a parallel track of her life, Devika is an internet technology management professional. She worked in the exciting space of internet search advertising/monetization at Inktomi for 4 years and at Yahoo for 5 years where she was most recently an engineering director.

About Pralay

Pralay Bakshi is currently the Station Head for Fever 104 FM, Kolkata, and was till recently the Programming Head of Fever 104 FM in Delhi. A Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay, Pralay completed his Business Studies from the London School of Economics. He has been a radio professional since early 2002, and has since worked as an RJ, producer, writer and Programming Head in radio stations in Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai and London. He has trained in Hindustani Classical music for four years and has worked as a freelance jingle composer, singer and voice-over artiste. He has previously released the much publicized ‘Khelo Khelo’ (as Sunny Kapoor) in London and is currently working on his own album.

About SaazMantra

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, SaazMantra is a dynamic team of two – Anshuman Chandra & Farhan Shaikh. SaazMantra brings to fore Anshuman’s deeply engrained love for Hindustani classical music and Farhan’s passion for guitaring and audio mixing. SaazMantra believes in integrating different, complementary styles of music to create a listening experience rooted in melody. SaazMantra's past work includes composition and arrangement for some of the songs on Devika’s first album and composition of the background score for the independent movie ‘French Fries and Curry’ which was released in the US. Anshuman and Farhan record and mix all their projects at Inner Vibes, their own recording studio in Sacramento. In the offing is their very own pop/rock album for release in India

About Faith Records

With the motto of ‘Faith in Life, Faith in Self and Faith in Music’ and formed in 2007, Faith Records strives to give artists a one-stop platform to get their voices heard and change the financials around music, giving artists control of their releases and enabling them to retain most of the income generated from their music. Faith Records is the first to offer free online ad supported music in India.