July 2010:
Devika Saari Raat Concert with Manesh Judge, Noor Lodhi, Mike Anand, Asim Wali in Walnut Creek, California - Live at the Lesher Center of Arts in Walnut Creek, California.

Aug 2009:
Devika performs with Bohemia at the Desi Chill Music Concert in Delhi featuring Bohemia, RBD and others.

April 2009:
Devika performs with Bohemia in Noida at launch concert for Bohemia's album 'Da Rap Star'.

Nov 2008:
Devika performs at the SF Music Festival in San Francisco, CA.

April 2008:
Devika performs at The Bay Center in San Francisco, CA.

May 2007:
Devika sings Intehaan Ho Gayi - Live with Shehzaad Hasan (Shahi - music director of Mann Ki Lagan), Manesh Judge, Noor Lodhi and Asim Khan of Cold Fusion Productions.